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Red Ripper Jr.  Router



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Red Ripper Jr.™ Router
Built for grinding and polishing sinks and prefab work, this little router is a serious workhorse for it's size and weight. With a coolent-through industrial grade spindle, variable speed motor, hydro-float base, adjustable spindle height, and more this little router complements the Blue Ripper Jr.™ perfectly.   Click photo for more information.

Extended Description

Built for profiling sinks and edges. Perfect for pre-fab natural and engineered stone. 

Technical Specifications

110v 12Amp Makita Motor
2,800-10,500 Motor RPM
2,400-8,800 Spindle RPM
Fits Standard 7/8 Bore Bits
One Hand Water Disconnect
Easy-Adjust Locking Height Adjustment
Only 18 Pounds in Weight!
Includes These:
10 Feet of Water Line

Small, light weight and strong stone router. Coolant through spindle for working sinks, floats lightly on a protective barrier of water.  Adjustable speed motor for getting from high grinding speed to nice and slow polishing speeds.  Industrial strength and reliability.  Smooth, soft grit-repelling rubber surface for hydrofloating the router.

Has smooth rubber with felt that is much preferable to "ball" type router bases because the plastic balls catch the hard granite grit in them and then proceed to grind that grit across the surface of your stone.   Rubber with felt is of a calculated softness to resist holding on to the grit while the constant water flow flushes grit from getting caught underneath the router. Single water hole allows you to navigate evenly on the 3 inch wide strip of stone between the sink and the edge. We precisely calculated the position of the hole to be in the balance point of the router for easy floating.

Has 7/8 inch boss for mounting standard stone router bits. This little router will even swing a 4cm (1.5 inch) full-bullnose bit without a problem!

For sink holes notice the unique template guide at the bottom of the spindle. This guide doesn't rotate with the bit so you never have to worry about the guide eating your templates!

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