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    Breton Goldenedge CTX Stone Polisher

Call Heath at DIACO, LLC., 706-988-8501

Breton Goldenedge CTX Stone Polisher

Machine used to shape and polish granite countertop slabs.

Single-spindle numerical control machine used to shape straight edges and perform V-grooves on engineered stone, marble, granite and stone in general. The machine complies with CE accident-prevention standards. The electrical system complies with UL/ CSA standards.
The machine is delivered by sea in a 20’ OPEN TOP container. The machine is floor-anchored and does not require any special foundation.

Distinguishing mechanical characteristics

The pieces to be machined are placed on a rubber worktop, they are aligned against a guide and held in place during machining by a series of pneumatic pressers in order to ensure perfect profiles and V-grooves along the whole length of the piece. Machining is performed through a high-frequency spindle with vertical axle, provided with both internal and external water cooling of the tools. All the axes of the machine slide on rectified guides with roller sliding blocks, powered by digital brushless-type motors. The machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication plant. The coupling is of the HSK-B80 type, same as the one used in the NC Contourbreton, so as to guarantee the maximum working rigidity. The shaped tools for edge profiling, which are fixed to the respective HSK-B80 cones, are stored in an automatic rotating 15-position store. In the event that rigid resinoid tools are used, it is also possible to carry out the dynamic compensation of the tool consumption on rectilinear trajectories through the spindle control. A laser system checks the profile, diameter and length of the tools for edge profiling, presetting them as well. The ad-hoc developed software aligns all the tools composing the set required to process a profile. It is also possible to check the tool consumption via the same system.

Straight V-grooves (optional)

The straight V-grooves are machined by a special diamond wheel with V-shaped profile, which is fixed to a special operating head with gear transmission that, in its turn, is fastened to the spindle through a HSK-B80 coupling. Due to its size, the operating head cannot be housed in the automatic rotating store, therefore it must be manually fixed on the spindle. The easy processing programming is performed in the control console, simply entering some data. Once the rear mechanical guides are positioned through a simple operation, the control automatically places the spindle at the selected distance of the V-groove and at the optimal height (according to the number of following passages required to execute the groove), in compliance with the thickness and type of material to be machined, and sets the ideal tool rotation speed as well. The system ensures a machining free from any harmful vibrations and an excellent finish of the V-groove.

Breton Diamond Wire Saws for Granite

Call Heath at DIACO, LLC., 706-988-8501


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